Consignment is where the seller pays a portion of the sale price to the consignment store for facilitating the sale and delivery of their item.

Why use Millaracing consignment over the traditional online pre-owned parts sales site? With those other sites, you have to do all the work. You have to clean the item, photograph it, list it, sell lit, ship it, and accept payment.

Can you professionally photograph an item so that it’s catchy and will sell?
Can you box the item and ship it so that there is less chance of damage?
Can you accept payment where you know you will be paid the correct amount on time?

Most of you will answer no to these questions, which is why Millaracing was formed. We are here to help you. To save you your most valuable commodity, your time.

No more buying or selling items on sites where you don’t know if the item is correctly pictured, described, and in sellable shape.
No more meeting people in empty parking lots at night to facilitate a sale (not very safe).
No more wondering if you’ll ever see your payment in full.

Millaracing will sell an item for a consigner (seller). Once the item sells, millaracing will issue a payout to the seller for 60% of the sold price (not including applicable taxes and fees).
Why does millaracing charge a 40% fee? We do all the work for you which allows you to free up valuable square footage in your home or business, and most importantly saves you your valuable time in trying to sell the part yourself.
We clean the part, photography and video the part, list it, advertise the item, and handle payment and shipping.

We issue a check or wire transfer of the funds within 72 hours of successful sale and payment.


Some of the products offered on our site are for off-road use only. It is the responsibility of the customer to check with all federal, state local and environmental laws prior to ordering and installing a product. Millaracing is not responsible for any fees, fines or costs that a customer may incur as a result of failing to check with federal, state, local or environmental laws prior to ordering and installing a product.

Many products Millaracing sells are intended for racing, competition, hobby, or off-road use. These products may not be used in violation of state, federal, provincial, or local laws. It becomes the sole responsibility of the Customer to ensure their vehicle conforms to all laws and regulations governing road use especially in regards to emissions and safety. By purchasing and installing these parts, the Customer acknowledges they are using the part(s) and vehicle in off-highway racing or hobby situations, and not for road or highway use.

Why buy an item from Millaracing and not from the other online sites?
Millaracing has been in business for almost 2 decades, we know our car parts, and are a trusted name in the community.
Each item is in stock and we have personally seen the items on hand.
You never have to worry about if an item will ship.
Millaracing offers secure payment options including Affirm financing, apple pay, visa, Mastercard to name a few.
You never have to worry about buying an item from a stranger in a dark parking lot and exchanging cash (not safe!!!).

Please visit this link, where you can provide your contact information and what part you are looking for.
Millaracing will then put a “watch” for this item and notify you when we have one available for order.


All sales are prepaid. Acceptable forms of payment are Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, and others. Bank wire transfers are also offered as a convenience. We do not accept personal checks, company checks, money order or cash as payment and do not offer COD.

All goods remain property of Millaracing until payment is completed. A deposit is required on special orders. All International duties, taxes, and brokerage fees are the responsibility of the receiver.

Due to an increase in internet fraudulent charges, Millaracing has implemented a fraudulent charge policy. If an issue is to arise with your order, please email us immediately at Millaracing considers credit card charge backs to be fraud if you have made no reasonable effort to work with us to resolve any problems with your purchase.

In the event of a chargeback, a $200 fee will be applied to the customer’s account to cover research and investigation. Filing a chargeback after receiving merchandise is fraud and we will prosecute anybody that attempts or commits fraud against us. By filing a chargeback with your credit company either by mistake or intentionally, the products are no longer eligible for return.

Millaracing reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order at any time without notice. Some situations that may result in the cancellation of an order include limitations on quantities available for purchase, inaccuracies, errors in product or pricing information, or problems that are identified by our Credit and Fraud Prevention Department. In some cases we must contact you to obtain and verify additional information before accepting an order. If your order is canceled for any reason or additional information is required, Millaracing may contact you by phone and/or email. Please be sure that you verify your contact information on the order as it must be valid to be accepted. If the contact information is fictitious or invalid we reserve the right to cancel an order.

When ordering with Millaracing, it is required that order be shipped to the billing address associated with your Credit Card. Providing mismatched addresses, or an address that is different from what is listed on your card/bank statement may result in delays during the order review process.


Millaracing collects and remits sales tax based on state and local requirements.

If you are tax exempt, email us so we can apply your Sales Tax Exempt Status.


All domestic orders will be shipped to the verified billing address associated with the customer’s credit card. In the event that the products need to be shipped to another address, Millaracing will verify the transaction with the customer by requesting a screenshot of our transaction on the customers online banking.

Millaracing strives to ship "In-Stock" orders within 48 hours of receiving the order. Shipping times may vary depending on the contents of your order. Millaracing does not ship partial orders unless requested by the customer, at which time additional shipping charges may apply. If you need your order by a specific date, it is important to contact us by phone so that we may assist you. All dates provided are based on estimates given by the supplier. Millaracing does not guarantee ship dates as delivery times are subject to change. All shipping times are based on our Monday through Friday business hours. Orders will not be shipped from our facility on Saturday or Sunday. Shipping Charges are non-refundable.

Please be advised that your country may impose duty fees, or other taxes based on the product origin and/or value. These fees and taxes are based on your country's import policy, and may be imposed in addition to the purchase price and shipping/handling fees collected by us prior to shipment. All such fees and taxes are the sole responsibility of the recipient and any and all charges incurred by Millaracing will be charged to the customer. Millaracing is not responsible for such fees/taxes on returned items. If you are concerned about possible additional charges, please contact your local Import/Customs authority for more information.

All charges, sales, returns, and exchanges will be calculated in US dollars. Millaracing is not responsible for fluctuations in currency value. International customers are responsible for understanding their country's international buying laws, and should be aware that all international purchases are subject to additional brokerage, duty or tax fees that are collected at the time of delivery unless otherwise noted by Millaracing. Millaracing is not responsible for these charges as we have no affiliation with tax systems set forth by international countries. If the consignee/receiver refuses to pay these additional charges at the time of delivery, Millaracing will instruct the shipping carrier to abandon the package.

Abandoned packages are destroyed at the shipping warehouse at your local pick up facility. Millaracing will not be held responsible for any abandoned packages due to these circumstances.

If you've received a damaged product you MUST notify the Customer Service Department (CSD) of the shipping carrier (ex: UPS, FedEx) within three days to initiate a damaged package claim. It is required that you keep all of the packaging material, box(es) and broken product(s) until the shipping carrier completes the investigation. Failure to report damaged items from an order before forwarding, re-shipping or transferring the shipment to another location will result in immediate claim denial.

If you are missing any products from your order, you MUST notify Millaracing within three days of receiving the items.

If you fail to report damaged and/or missing items in your shipment within the timeframe outline above, replacement products will not be shipped out under any circumstances. Failure to report missing items from an order before forwarding, re-shipping or transferring the shipment to another location will result in immediate claim denial.

Freight orders are excluded from this policy as it is the responsibility of the recipient to confirm that the goods are in new condition, without damage and that the order is complete before signing for the delivery.

If you do not receive your package and the tracking information shows that the package has been delivered you must notify us within three days of the marked delivery date so that we can initiate a lost package tracer with the shipping carrier you have originally selected.

USPS can require from five to ninety business days, depending on your country's time requirement that has been set forth. FedEx can require from twenty-one to twenty-eight business days from the time the claim is started. Please note that this is the policy of the shipper and not of Millaracing. Millaracing does not guarantee that any packages will be credited by the shipping carrier until this process is complete.

Millaracing will not provide refunds for any lost package under any circumstances.


Millaracing sells pre-owned parts which are sold “as is”. These parts do not have a warranty and are not eligible for return/refund.

Millaracing is not responsible for any damages that may have occurred by using the products that we sell. Millaracing does not pay for consequential, incidental and contingent damages or costs incurred of any kind, including the cost incurred directly or indirectly in relation to products sold by Millaracing including labor or product coverage.

Products that may have been damaged or lost as a result of a faulty product will not be replaced by Millaracing under any circumstances. This includes but is also not limited to duties, taxes, and brokerage fees for foreign shipments. Shipping charges are non-refundable.

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