Consynify is the newest offering from Millaracing Distribution LLC.

Consynify offers buyers and sellers, a safe and secure marketplace for their auto parts and vehicles.

Consynify is a consignment services.

We have found this to be a valuable service that our clients were looking for. They can eliminate clutter and waste from their homes or business and receive payment when the item sells. This also saves them a substantial amount of time and money if they had to attempt to sell these pre-owned items individually.

How it works:

Send us images and a description of an item(s) and we will have one our specialists contact you within 24 hours with more information and questions.

Once the item has been approved for sale, we ask you to either drop the item off (Conshohocken, PA USA) or ship to us (instructions to follow).

What is consignment?

Consignment is where the seller pays a portion of the sale price to the consignment store for facilitating the sale and delivery of their item.

Why sell your item with Consynify?

We do all the work for you which allows you to free up valuable square footage in your home or business, and most importantly saves you from trying to sell the part yourself.

When you sell with Consynify, we do all the heavy lifting (pickup of parts if applicable (fee)), storing the parts, taking and posting photos, writing descriptions, negotiating pricing and shipping/delivering items.

We manage everything from pick up to payout and you enjoy a safe, curated shopping experience, reliable payment and unmatched convenience.

What Items Can I Sell?

Consynify is a marketplace for automotive parts and vehicles. We accept most parts and vehicles that are in good working order, non-modified, or new.

Can I Consign with Consynify if I Live Outside of Your Service Area?

If you have an automotive part or vehicle that you’d like to sell with us, we have you covered. You can ship us your parts and we will handle the rest.

Merchandise Ownership

The Consignor shall retain ownership of any and all consigned merchandise until such time as the merchandise is sold.

What are Consynify's fee?

The Consignee shall be entitled to retain a percentage of all proceeds (sale price minus banking/selling fees) from the sale of each item consigned.

The Consignor is the owner of the items being sold (you).

Percentages retained by consignee are based on a sliding scale below (proceeds of sale):

<$1000, 40% (Consignor 60%)

$1001-$2000, 35% (Consignor 65%)

>$2000, 30% (Consignor 70%)

 Does Consynify Carry Insurance For Consignment Parts?

The Consignee shall maintain insurance for the premises and all contents thereof against any damage or theft that may occur to any item(s) left with the Consignee to sell.