Forgeline RB3C-SL Stepped Lip

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While the original Forgeline Concave Series wheels are designed with a flat reverse lip, the RB3C-SL Concave Stepped Lip wheel uses a standard stepped lip rim to deliver even more visual interest and weight savings! This wheel was designed for today’s modern sports cars and is a great choice for BMW 3-Series/5-Series, fifth-gen Camaros, Ferraris, S197 Mustangs, Nissan GT-Rs, and Porsche 996/997 Wide Bodies. (Other fitments are currently in development.)

The Forgeline RB3C-SL forged concave stepped lip wheel combines a deep-dish concave profile, a directional 10-spoke pattern (with full-length spokes that extend beyond the center’s rim register), and a weight-saving stepped lip outer rim. And thanks to Forgeline’s unique performance-inspired concave design philosophy and beveled spokes, the RB3C-SL delivers both beauty and performance.

The RB3C-SL is a stepped lip variation of the Forgeline RB3C forged concave wheel that was developed in conjunction with the famous Ringbrothers and installed on their award-winning Producer Mustang at SEMA 2011. It features a unique concave design with subtle directional spokes. This wheel includes separate left and right versions and is available in both a deep concave profile (for the most striking appearance) and a shallow concave profile (to create a staggered look or to accommodate higher-offset applications). This is a 3-piece wheel assembled with hidden stainless-steel ARP fasteners and Heli-Coil inserts – and is also available with the through-bolt option.The RB3C-SL is a custom made-to-order three-piece wheel that is produced from forged 6061-T6 aluminum with heat-treated rim-shells. And just like any Forgeline wheel, the RB3C-SL is fully customizable in fitment and finish, including center lock applications.

    • Developed in Conjunction with the Famous Ring Brothers
    • Unique Concave Design
    • Directional Spokes
    • Both Deep and Shallow Concave Profiles Available
    • 3-Piece Construction
    • Stepped-Lip Design
    • Hidden Stainless ARP Fasteners
    • Heli-Coil Inserts
    • Exposed Fastener Option Available
    • Generous Brake Clearance
    • Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Heat-Treated Rim Shells
    • Includes Standard Aluminum Center Cap
    • Customizable Fitment and Finish Options
    • Legendary Forgeline Quality and Customer Service
  • 19" Standard Finish

    Size Price (per Wheel)
    19x7.5 $1835
    19x8.0 $1835
    19x8.5 $1835
    19x9.0 $1835
    19x10.0 $1835
    19x10.5 $1865
    19x11.0 $1865
    19x11.5 $1865
    19x12.0 $1865
    19x12.5 $1895
    19x13.0 $1895
    19x14.0 $1895
    19x15.0 $1895
    19x16.0 $1895
  • 20" Standard Finish

    Size Price (per Wheel)
    20x7.5 $1860
    20x8.0 $1860
    20x8.5 $1860
    20x9.0 $1860
    20x10.0 $1860
    20x10.5 $1915
    20x11.0 $1915
    20x11.5 $1915
    20x12.0 $1915
    20x12.5 $1985
    20x13.0 $1985
    20x14.0 $1985
    20x15.0 $1985
    20x16.0 $1985
  • 21" Standard Finish

    Size Price (per Wheel)
    21x8.5 $2010
    21x9.0 $2010
    21x10.0 $2010
    21x10.5 $2065
    21x11.0 $2065
    21x11.5 $2065
    21x12.0 $2065
    21x13.0 $2190
    21x13.5 $2190
  • 22" Standard Finish

    Size Price (per Wheel)
    22x8.5 $2210
    22x9.0 $2210
    22x10.0 $2210
    22x10.5 $2245
    22x11.0 $2245
    22x11.5 $2245
    22x12.0 $2245
    22x12.5 $2245
    22x13.0 $2290
    22x14.0 $2290
    22x15.0 $2290
    22x16.0 $2290

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